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Energy Information Administration

Recent Posts

U.S. Gasoline Production is Running Near Record Levels

Gasoline production by U.S. refiners and blenders has run near record levels over the first seven months of 2017, with four-week rolling average production well above its five-year average and close to the top of its five-year range. U.S. gasoline inventories also remain relatively high despite[…]

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EIA’s Drilling Productivity Report adds Anadarko region, aggregates Marcellus and Utica

Editor’s Note: You may have read our FN360 article a few quarters back about the Seven Shales, and how they drive American production. Well, now those Seven Shales have been shuffled around. The EIA has combined two and added one, keeping the total number at seven. Before, the EIA’s Drilling[…]

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Shot-Term Energy Outlook

Gasoline prices: The front-month futures price of reformulated blendstock for oxygenate blending (RBOB, the petroleum component of gasoline used in many parts of the country) rose by 10 cents per gallon (gal) from July 3, settling at $1.63/gal on August 3 (Figure 5). The RBOB-Brent crack spread[…]

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EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook – August 2017

Editor’s Note: Each month the EIA updates its Short-Term Energy Outlook, providing insights into market trends. Of particular interest this quarter is Figure 4, which gives the probability of December prices reaching various price levels. Tomorrow, we’ll share the EIA’s refined product outlook. For[…]

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Part 2: Maritime Chokepoints Are Critical to Global Energy Security

Editor’s Note: Last week, we shared the EIA’s report on critical maritime areas that affect global energy security. This week, the EIA focused on the types of transportation flowing through those areas. Crude tankers transport much of the crude used globally. Understanding the relative size and[…]

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Maritime Chokepoints are Critical to Global Energy Security

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has released its 2017 World Oil Transit Chokepoints report highlighting chokepoints that are part of major trade routes for global seaborne oil transportation (Figure 1). Chokepoints are narrow channels along widely used global sea routes for oil[…]

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U.S. crude oil production forecast expected to reach record high in 2018

In EIA’s latest Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO), total U.S. crude oil production is forecast to average 9.3 million barrels per day (b/d) in 2017, up 0.5 million b/d from 2016. In 2018, EIA expects crude oil production to reach an average of 9.9 million b/d, which would surpass the previous record[…]

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Even as renewables increase, fossil fuels continue to dominate U.S. energy mix

Editor’s Note: Renewable energy has demonstrated impressive growth in recent years; however, renewables still have a long way to grow before they can rival fossil fuels. Renewable energy providing electricity is still unreliable – since weather is unpredictable, fossil fuels must continue providing[…]

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Daily Commodity Report

NO.2 DSL$1.8694▼0.0192
NAT. GAS$3.10▲0.120
CBOT ETHANOL$1.2751▼0.0003
UPDATED01/24/19 - 8:57 a.m.

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